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What We Do

We help Vermont towns create and publish Internet maps to better inform the citizenry.
Information, previously paper based or requireing a trip to town offices, is now available on-line viewable by anyone at anytime.
Data on our maps is arranged in layers each of which can be visible or hidden thus allowing large amounts of information to be simply and clearly presented.
Our maps typically contain tax parcel, zoning, and overlay district information. This data originates in the form of ESRI shape files which prevent ordinary citizens from viewing it because of the software expense and expertise required. We make the same information available on the Internet viewable by anyone using a common web browser.

Our maps simplify, educate, and empower:

Our Technology

Our technology allows Town GIS data to be published to a standard Google map. This makes complex information available online, accessible by anyone on their PC(Personal Computer) in a simple, familiar way. The information can be viewed in all common browsers running under Windows, MacIntosh, or Linux. Click here for compatible browsers and PC operation systems.

Map Features